I love to spread the word and run workshops that educate people about sugar and show them by way of baking that you can make delicious healthy foods that are super easy and fast to create. (the best part of this is that you get to taste the recipes afterwards!)

I present a half hour comprehensive talk all about sugar that covers such things as how it is broken down and used by the body, the different types and their effects on the body, how to figure out how much sugar is in processed foods, tricks to slow down your blood sugar levels, different types of sugars and natural alternatives among other things.

I can tailor it to your specific interests, ie toddlers/teenagers, nannies/ home based care, pre diabetic food choices, general overhauls of sugar habits/diets. I finish this with a question and answer session.
I then follow this up with baking in front of you 3 recipes from my book so you can see just how fast they can be to make and then with a cup of tea in hand you get to try them all so you can see for yourself just how tasty they are.

KiwiOz childcare thoroughly enjoyed their professional development evening with Jenny Bates. Jenny’s presentation was extremely informative and educational and her passion for using low to no sugar in her baking was infectious. The practical cooking workshop captivated the attention of everyone in the room and the nannies left feeling inspired, motivated and a lot more knowledgeable about the nutritional value of sugar. Thank you Jenny, our nannies can’t wait to use your cookbook “Low To No Sugar Baking” which is full of delicious and wholesome recipes!

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If you or your company would be interested in attending a workshop please contact me on or see below for the next workshop time/place.

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