The Book

Book Cover


I wrote this book because I couldn’t find anything like it out there in the stores. What I wanted was a cook book which contained recipes that weren’t loaded with sugar but still tasted sweet, and were quick and economical to make. After six years of experimentation, baking and taste-testing on the fussiest of children (and my eager husband) I think I have created what I was looking for.

During this journey I have spoken to lots of different mums and have learnt what they would like in a cook book. It’s not about party foods, rather it’s about everyday foods – the morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas, the foods that keep children (and adults) going through the average day. There are the foods parents want to have on hand, that they know that are packed full of goodness but are also tasty and appealing to the little mouths. They also want food that is easy to prepare and fast to make, which is why the average preparation time in this book is 10 minutes.


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